Glasgow 2019, a great investment opportunity

Once you have decided that property investment is the right decision for you, there are a few major factors you need to consider before making your dream a reality.  Firstly, how much can you afford, what type of property will you invest in, how long will you hold the investment and what’s the best location to meet your income goals.

Rental properties in Glasgow attract some of the best yields in the UK.  This is a direct result of Glasgow having a relatively high proportion of young people (29% of the total population falling within the 20 – 34 age group*). Younger professionals and couples see the up-and-coming Glasgow as a perfect location to live, as property is affordable and there is extensive regeneration work being undertaken across the City.

Property prices have been increasing in the City and have now recovered to pre 2008 levels. Indeed the average house price in Glasgow increased by 7% in the 12 months to March 2018** and is showing no signs of slowing.

In addition, Glasgow rental values have increased steadily by a total of 25% since 2013***.

Now is an ideal time to invest in property in Glasgow, whilst property prices are still low enough to promise good rental yields and have the capability of achieving good capital growth should the investor wish to sell the property in the future at a profit.

With some of the best UK Universities, an excellent transport infrastructure including a full in-City train network, prosperous employment, great bars and restaurants and well known as a major hub in the music scene, Glasgow is an excellent location to invest in property.

Because the city attracts a significant young population to study and work this means that the number of people looking to rent will be significantly higher than other Scottish cities for some time to come.

Interested in finding out more about investing in property in Glasgow, speak to our investment expert on 0141 471 9810 or email

*National Records of Scotland   **UK House Price Index   ***Citylets

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